A new venture- Children and Family Yoga

In November 2017 I completed my 95- hour Yoga Alliance children’s yoga teacher training in India with a wonderful woman called Teressa Asencia, who has created an amazing teacher training based on her ‘Yoga in your school’ project, which was formed upon the five elements and partner poses (see link to her books here https://www.amazon.co.uk/Teressa-Asencia/e/B001JS7K82 )

The way in which Teressa taught me was through the Five Element stories she constructed.  This included some partner poses from her ‘playful family yoga’ book. I was lucky enough to receive this training one to one, so was able to share experiences with Teressa, some more on the personal side, and she was able to conduct the training with my needs and interests in mind.

We read through stories, shared experiences, and views of how we both see ourselves within the world of children and family yoga going forward.  She taught me songs, activities, sun salutation chants, partner poses, alongside the main 5 stories each focusing on one element.

After the morning’s session on my first day, Teressa then told me that there would be a class this afternoon with a mother and daughter and that she would like me to assist with the class.  Initially I was dubious about this having just been taught the class that morning, but Teressa made me feel so at ease, as she does in her classes evidently, that I wanted the challenge to involve myself on the very first day.  Happy I did it? Absolutely!!  It was a great experience with a lovely French mother and daughter who were very open to this method of yoga and seemed to enjoy it and have a great laugh while doing it.  The sense of unity in the room and thanks they gave at the end of the class was very rewarding for me, and I can already see the great benefit this type of family yoga could be for the whole family as it is an experience of them coming together.

I have been writing my own yoga stories which I feel could greatly benefit children and families with a specific need, such as a child that won’t go to sleep, stick to a routine, or simply a family who just want to have more fun together!  I love the fact that I can write stories and class plans which are bespoke to each child/family, depending on what they would be hoping to gain from the practice.

‘where there is darkness, bring light’

Jen x

Drops of thought

How strange it was,

The occurrence during the last part of my course,

As I was leading a relaxation,

Such obvious symbolism which I could not force.

As I lay on my back listening to the water on the ceiling,

A drop of water fell perfectly

Straight into my vision.

The first fell directly onto my heart chakra,

And then another a minute later,

Right onto my third eye.

I almost wanted to cry.

I love it when this kind of thing happens,

Is it a sign telling me to love myself,

Be kind to myself,

And look through my minds eye,

And to myself give,

The life I truly want to live.


See this as a mindfulness symbol,

Our past selves, our past experiences,

As drops of water,

Just as these.

As they rain down onto us,

And affect us in so many ways,

It is what we do with them,

How we deal with them,

That impacts us each in the following days.

The drops that appear from the other side

Shape our future,

That, of which, we cannot hide.

But there is no need to hide,

It only about our understanding inside.

Whatever has been,

And will be,

All we ever has is this moment,

That’s all there is to see. 


'be present, to be presented to yourself'

Jen x